Chocolates & Coffee


So I’m starting at wordpress. All afresh, decked up and excited. Planning to be regular at writing and all that, you know? Blogging is only to do something when I’m sitting worthless, which happens alot and also cus I have no clue what my hobby is except, reading and sitcoms maybe. And I’m blogging so I can brag and have a sense of self worth, cus hello I’m a ‘Blogger’ bitch! Not. Only if I wasn’t acutely embarrassed of having a blog, I’d do that.

So I was previously at Blogger, and I hated it and noone ever read me and maybe I sucked. But apart from that, I aspire to come up with good stuff, maybe connect dots with y’all, grow up and not feel apprehensive about writing.

Also, chocolates & coffee? Cus I can.

There..I did it!



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