Crush = Crushed


Pursue the crush –>  hanging in midair –>  loss of appetite & sleep –> slowly see self transform into a stalker –> invaluable time lost in stalking the crush’s various Whatsapp/BBM/facebook/Twitter profiles –> constant state of restlessness –> sucker for any information on the crush through gossip sources –> end up becoming a pro on the crush (crush level ‘extreme’  = when you even know the name of their building watchman) –> failed attempts to woo them –> feeling of jealously on seeing them talk to someone or anyone –> lots of unhappiness –> unable to confide this sickness to anyone else, if have then, feel acute embarrassment –> the state of giving up –> still have to pretend being friendly with the crush –>  the crush is not aware about the entire thing in the first place –> Congratulations! You have successfully and miserably friend zoned yourself 🙂 –> THE END


Pursue a goal –> feel enthusiasm and hope –> no care of appetite and sleep –> slowly see self transform into a sincere hard worker –> valuable time utilized in achieving the goal –> constant state of energy & anticipation –> blunders and failed attempts happen –> feeling of loss due to crushed dreams –> on the state of giving up –> reconsider actions –> find ray of hope and decide to try again –> work harder and vow to give your best, come what may –> no care of the result, just know you are giving your best shot –> at the end of every day, sense of happiness and content elopes self –> feel proud for all the hardwork done –> achieving goal level  ‘success’ –> feeling of infinite happiness and sense of fulfillment which will last for many days –> made self and everyone proud and impressed –> achievement of goal and inner peace –> Congratulations! You have successfully and proudly achieved what you had wished and aimed 🙂 –> JUST THE BEGINNING


2 thoughts on “Crush = Crushed

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  2. I’m so obliged you added me to your Google bookmark 🙂 And I quite agree with you! Its just such a beautiful theme right. Thanks for the appreciation.

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