A small conversation

This is a guest post by my dear friend and fellow blogger Harsh Kundnani  in continuance or rather sharing space with  ‘A Conversation’ (my second blog post). And this also happens to be my favorite of all his writings so far, and he’s a good writer, this Harsh guy. We, me and Harsh, are rather quite found of conversations. Our friendship has ..lets say..evolved on them. Oh mind you, all kinds of conversations. The sarcastic ones(90% of the time), the reflective ones, not so sensible ones, the ones that touch some nerves and you know..the stupid ones.

So here we present-

We sat across an elegant table draped with a transparent white cloth. It looked as if a beautiful face was hidden with a patina that did not deserve to be there. I was the host (as  is the case most of the times). I ordered for coffee while he politely declined anything the waiter cared to offer.
‘So why do you summon me? Go on. Ask anything’ he said.
‘You should know’ I replied.
‘I would like to hear it from you, nevertheless’ he said.
‘Why don’t you ever eat?’
‘Is that the reason why you called me’
‘I’m just building up for the big ones’ I replied.
He kept on staring.
‘Okay. So what is this thing? I’m in a mess, and you should know that. Some things are just not in my hand’.
‘Why are you getting worried my friend’ he said smiling.
‘Because I feel you aren’t doing as much.’ I blurted out.
‘Since long do you know me son?’ the smile still persisted.
‘I cannot recall, must be years’ I replied.
The truth was I did remember. Even since we got into this thing. Ever since the inception.He had been my partner and my guide since the beginning.
‘Why let your faith dwindle then?’That left me with no answer.‘Why do we fall? So that we get up and give it back harder.’
He got up and gave me a bear hug and whispered ‘Keep faith’


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