Lessons learned. Tried and tested.

1. You just need to let your guards down.

2. Stop pretending, trying to cope up or compromising on situations and people you don’t want. Drop the pretentions! It is easier to breathe this way, take in all the clear air.

3. It is true. Life doesn’t turn out the way we wish, but we have a choice. Take the matters in your hands. Make things happen instead of waiting for destiny or some bitch named similarly to decide your path. Act!

4. Be with yourself. As old school as I sound, sometimes all you need is some air to clear your head and goals, not incessant chat messengers and phone calls. Just talk to thy self.

5. Inner Peace is essential for a healthy good living.

As we learned the immortal message given by Master Shifu to Po, in Kung Fu Panda 2

“Remember, Dragon Warrior: Anything is possible when you have inner peace.”  

6. Friends

Food & Beverages 😉



Need I say more? This is our blood and water. Turn to them in distress.

7. Once in a while, it is fine to sit by the bench; catch your breath and take few sips of water. But that does not mean you keep on sitting back and don’t reach the end of that race track! Wear your running shoes tight, and make your way soldiers.

Don’t stall. Face things.

8. Happiness is being in now, not in what has passed by and neither in what is in store next. It is in being present, here right now; and just living.

9. True fulfillment is in achieving whatever you dream, big or small. Majority of us believe fulfillment is in pleasure, but duh. Heartfelt contentment lies in work!

All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy.

10. Most important. Be brave.

The monster called ‘fear’ creeps into us every now and then; we all are so inevitable to it.

But when he comes visiting you, just go and heed your dear ones, talk to them, and jot in all the strength you can summon. Choose bravery over fear, alright?

Signing off.


( I had written this article months ago, but believe me in times of utter confusion, I go through my own advice again. And again. We humans, tend to forget. Yes even our own advice at times. So before you go preaching out there or want to share your experience, make sure you’re doing what you want to ask others to do. 😉 )


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