Lets save my blue sock

I had some insights today. Some situations have been creeping in on me, for a very long time. And I have been ignoring them conveniently. Since days, months, and this one thing, trust me for more than a year. Quite parallel to the way we ignore those particular clothes in our cupboard, but never really throw them. We actually shove them at the back of the cupboard, away from the mothers eye or yours own as well, but no, never doing anything about them. You know you don’t need them, you don’t wear them, probably don’t even like them, but no. We humans are very fond of this nasty little hobby of collecting, accumulating things, giving us some sort of cheap satisfaction at the back of our tiny heads. Collecting insignificant coins, ancient books now filled with dust which you never read, shoes that don’t fit anymore and even the free plastic boxes you got on that cereal box. Collect collect collect. Its like a creepy disease. Its our prized worthless possession, even if its a pile of bad situations and problems needing confrontation. Its just there, not doing any harm but not benefiting us as well. I thought for long, and hard. This vicious circle has to stop right. I mean these situations aren’t helping me in any way. Sure not causing actual inconvenience, they’re piled up right here in front of my eyes. But maybe in the long run, how would I know? Maybe the pile would be too large and just fall on my head, just like the clothes with whom I have war everyday, pushing and shoving them inside the cupboard anyhow. This one blue sock is permanently stuck on my cupboard head, having flown upwards and landed there after a particular nasty fight. *shudders* Would my future self curse me for being such a loser and letting things happen to me, instead of taking control. I don’t want to take chances, I’m scared of my future-bitter-self. Hey! I live with myself, don’t I ? So I need my future-self to be happy. Feeling wise, inspired and not to mention in fear of my future-self, I vow to throw away those clothes and save my blue sock, as well as get down with the situations and problem. Pray for the dear sock! bye. 😉


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