this too shall pass

Acute heart ache. Gulping in horror or realization. Furious sweating. Fast mad beating of the heart. Fingers and toes curling up. Mouth becomes dry. Hands all sticky. Sudden fatigue. Overcome with the need to sit down. Shallow breath. Speaking in very fast manner. Inability to swallow food. Heart sinking in stomach. Darkness surrounding all over. Cannot comprehend what other people are saying. Utter despair. Aimlessness.

Are you feeling any of these wretched things ?

Something is wrong with you, something is very wrong.

My condolences. Going through one of these. It will go. Not right away, not this minute. Maybe not tomorrow, or even after a year. But, we’ve got hope. And some blind faith in the unknown power above us. That’s all we got! So just praying…  ‘This too shall pass’.

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