Study vacations- How to spend your days being miserable.

If you ask me, i’m really quite good at it. At making living, spending days miserable. If you want, I’ll tip you on how exactly I spend my study holidays.

Start off your day by waking up to semi-meaningful and semi-wtf-does-unconscious-mind-even-think-thoughts. Then go on, check your various social networking accounts. Sit ideally with the cup of tea and think, THINK, about what all you will study, how much you will complete in that day, and praise yourself for the wonderful daily goals that you set out for yourself. But after that, don’t act. Read a book. Lunch. Take a nap. (Mom common! You know I had a bad dream, I need some sleep to cover up) Wake up sweating again, and dread setting in, realizing how you have not even studied an ounce of your wonderful daily aim chart. Start fast aimless reading. Clam sometime later and finish some bit of your portion. Become smug again and while away time. Every half an hr of TV or that book you read, you promise yourself, I will study after this hr is over. And it goes on, you while away many of those ‘only one more hr’. End up with dinner, feeling miserable with how horribly you failed to manage your day, and your mood too. Stare at the wall. the TV, the phone, the chair, the maid, and ofcourse the textbook. Read two-three answers and suddenly feel too tired, convincing you will do better tomorrow, put away the books for the day. But sleep with guilt and dread and realization that you did actually waste your day, sleep. And don’t forget throughout the day have random, jumbled, mindless, hopeless, irrelevant  useless, weird, creepy thoughts about anyone, everyone and anything. Sleep with all this on your mind, and I promise next day you will wake up with the same day, same routine, same fake aims, and end the day with the same or maybe a tab bit more colorful failure to your week. Its like I don’t have to try, I’m so good at this! As you already read.

Okay I’m sorry to whoever even bothered to read this rant of mine. Sorry bro, but I had to remove it somewhere even if its a unknown blog on the internet.

Thanks for listening mate, bye.


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