Appy Fizz- Dream Hangout

I’m so much in love with this ad that I actually joined Saif and the Appy Fizz bottle and did the pelvic dance. Not. Maybes yes. Okay stop laughing.


And umm, if you’re watching, hey Fizz .. will you hangout with me? ;;)


Crush = Crushed


Pursue the crush –>  hanging in midair –>  loss of appetite & sleep –> slowly see self transform into a stalker –> invaluable time lost in stalking the crush’s various Whatsapp/BBM/facebook/Twitter profiles –> constant state of restlessness –> sucker for any information on the crush through gossip sources –> end up becoming a pro on the crush (crush level ‘extreme’  = when you even know the name of their building watchman) –> failed attempts to woo them –> feeling of jealously on seeing them talk to someone or anyone –> lots of unhappiness –> unable to confide this sickness to anyone else, if have then, feel acute embarrassment –> the state of giving up –> still have to pretend being friendly with the crush –>  the crush is not aware about the entire thing in the first place –> Congratulations! You have successfully and miserably friend zoned yourself 🙂 –> THE END


Pursue a goal –> feel enthusiasm and hope –> no care of appetite and sleep –> slowly see self transform into a sincere hard worker –> valuable time utilized in achieving the goal –> constant state of energy & anticipation –> blunders and failed attempts happen –> feeling of loss due to crushed dreams –> on the state of giving up –> reconsider actions –> find ray of hope and decide to try again –> work harder and vow to give your best, come what may –> no care of the result, just know you are giving your best shot –> at the end of every day, sense of happiness and content elopes self –> feel proud for all the hardwork done –> achieving goal level  ‘success’ –> feeling of infinite happiness and sense of fulfillment which will last for many days –> made self and everyone proud and impressed –> achievement of goal and inner peace –> Congratulations! You have successfully and proudly achieved what you had wished and aimed 🙂 –> JUST THE BEGINNING

A Conversation

“I should probably go for it. It is difficult, it is out of my natural characteristic, but I feel I should…”

 ”Forheavenssake, snap out of it!”
“It’s not going to be the end of this world if I step out of my self regulated attitude and ego, for something meaningful!”
“Why are you forgetting it will be against every principle of behavioral conduct you have been following ever since you were sensible enough to do so?”
“Don’t pretend like you don’t know. Change is how we experiment and evolve!”
“But some things always lay in the restricted zone, my friend!”
“Hear me out first! If I have come so far with my thoughts, shouldn’t I give reasonable justice to them?”
“By thoughts, you mean those feelings. Don’t you? Haven’t we lived this world enough to know feelings take you no place whatsoever?”
“If you don’t try, you’d never know what it holds for you.”
“How convenient of you to take solace in some cliched quote which only people I have ever come across using are movie characters.”
“You’re being so calculative, that only shows how scared you are.”
“No. What I’m asking you is to be a little sensible, just think what consequences your actions will bring. If they are favorable, go ahead. But if you aren’t sure of it, why risk?”
“You ask me to be sensible? But because I’m an emotional fool, sensibility only gathers dust behind the head. Order me to foresee the consequences? It won’t matter because I’ve already crossed the line of choice. Tell me don’t go ahead with it? My mind can advice me all it wants, but my heart has already started living the fantasy.”
There you go. A conversation between Rationality and Romanticism, the only type of thought processes we heed to.
And which conflict on every ground.  

Chocolates & Coffee


So I’m starting at wordpress. All afresh, decked up and excited. Planning to be regular at writing and all that, you know? Blogging is only to do something when I’m sitting worthless, which happens alot and also cus I have no clue what my hobby is except, reading and sitcoms maybe. And I’m blogging so I can brag and have a sense of self worth, cus hello I’m a ‘Blogger’ bitch! Not. Only if I wasn’t acutely embarrassed of having a blog, I’d do that.

So I was previously at Blogger, and I hated it and noone ever read me and maybe I sucked. But apart from that, I aspire to come up with good stuff, maybe connect dots with y’all, grow up and not feel apprehensive about writing.

Also, chocolates & coffee? Cus I can.

There..I did it!